Women’s fashion in the old days – see the exhibition

From lavish and romantic Victorian gowns to colorful and glamorous flapper dresses, women’s fashion through the ages is an ever-evolving story – and you can now see it up close and personal. The new exhibition entitled ‘Women’s Fashion in the Old Days’ at the local art museum showcases a collection of spectacular gowns, ensembles, and […]

How has fashion changed over the years? See the history of fashion

Fashion is indicative of the socio-cultural and political changes in society, as much as it is an art form. Over the years, fashion has gone through its share of revolutions, with styles and trends quickly coming in and out of fashion. While some trends have remained constant, there have been plenty of change in the […]

The history of fashion in the world

Fashion has always played an important role in society, with major shifts in styles occurring both over the centuries and throughout international cultures. From ancient Egypt to contemporary Europe, fashion has always reflected key moments in time and served as a way for individuals to express their identities. The earliest recorded evidence of fashion in […]

The History of Costumes and Fashion Legends

With Halloween less than a week away, now is the perfect time to explore the fascinating and incredible history of costumes and fashion legends throughout the centuries. From ancient times to the present day, costumes and fashion have been central to culture and identity, serving as both a statement of self-expression and a source of […]