Women’s fashion in the old days – see the exhibition

Fashion trends have always been a reflection of social and political developments. In the 19th century, women’s fashion was restricted by their gender, but in the 20th century, they became increasingly emancipated. This had an impact on fashion in the 90s when it was still conservative and traditional. The exhibition is a celebration of women’s […]

How has fashion changed over the years? See the history of fashion

Fashion has been changing over the years and it’s not just about clothes, but also about customs and trends. In the old days, fashions were dictated by status. High-status people wore clothes that were made from quality fabrics or materials. Low-status people wore clothes made from wool or cotton. While in the 90s, fashion became […]

The history of fashion in the world

When fashion was first introduced in the world, it was very simple. It actually began with animals, as they were the ones who primarily wore clothes. In the old days, fashion was all about adapting to specific needs and trends of a certain time period. As time passed by and society developed more and more, […]

The History of Costumes and Fashion Legends

The history of fashion is fascinating and there are many different ways to look at it. From the early years when people wore animal furs and decorated their bodies with paint, to the modern day where designers create elaborate costumes for runway shows. In this research paper, we will discuss how fashion has changed over […]